My company Costumes & materials for canine sport was founded in 1994.

In 1963, I put the training suit for the first time in the club " Du Petit Bourgogne" in Seraing, Belgium. I was then just thirteen-year-old. This day, I discovered the greatest passion of all my life: practice of dog training as training man or competitor.
I officiated to St-Severin club until 1978, after this one, I adhered to the club of Esneux.

I obtained my « dog training man » patent in 1980...

I then officiated on very numerous official competitions, under the aegis of the « Royal Saint Hubert » association until 1997, including 2 Belgium National Final Cups, 4 Belgium Final Cups of « Ring », 2 finales of Belgium « mondioring » (Arendonk and Beauvechain) and 1 finale of Mondioring championship in Arendonk

As dog driver...

I obtained :

Championship of «  Belgium Cup » (Cat. 3) in 1995 with my Belgian Shepherd Dog Quincy ,
Championship of Belgium «Belgian Shepherd Dog » Mondioring contest, level 3, in 1999 with Ull du Boscaille ,
Second place in Belgium Cup in 1990 with my dog Lohr , also known as " KIM ".

I added to my formation a two years experiment in the " NVBK" society, being finalist Cat. 2 ( 2003 ) with my dog «  Dovre Fjeld Xone  » also known as " Patrache ".

On April 1st, 1983, I started my own Dog Training Club (Club Canin du Haut Pré in Seraing ) affiliated in S.R.S.H . under licence #796. In my club, we practise the disciplines of obedience, boxing ring and mondioring with happiness and passion!